5 Most Used Steroids in Bodybuilding

anabolic steroids bodybuilding

The dangers of steroids to the body are real, in case you don’t know how bad it sounds, please read it here. Meanwhile, in this article, we will outline the types of steroids that are most frequently used by bodybuilders. At that time, they are sick and tired of the slow results from natural muscle training. So they take the shortcut. And here are some popular types of steroids…

Types of Fitness Steroids that must be known

For those of you who don’t know what steroids are, it’s an organic compound of sterol fat that is not hydrolyzed and is produced by a decreased reaction process of terpenes or squalene.

Steroids are an important group of compounds with a basic structure of saturated tetracyclic hydrocarbon with 17 carbon atoms and 4 rings.

In bodybuilding, the most common steroid used is Anabolic steroids. It helps to increase muscle size, improve strength and powers, high definition muscles, and so on. Anabolic steroids can be done with oral or injection administration.

And here’s the best 5 anabolic steroids

Dianabol (Metandienone)

For bodybuilders, powerlifters, athletes or even fitness mania taking Dianabol to briefly increase muscle size and improve physical performance is something normal. Especially on the bulking program. The street names of Dianabol are Dbol and Danabol, while its market under variety names include Naposim, Anabol, Perabol, etc. Some public figures detected using Dianabol are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane.

Generally, Dianabol is available in oral form. But it may also available in the form of intramuscular injection. 3 to 6 hours is a half-life from Dianabol.

Dianabol side effects include acne, hair loss, virilization, oily skin, gynecomastia (male breast), liver damage (long-term usage).

Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Anavar is more suitable for diet plans or cutting programs and maintenance of muscle mass during the cycle off phase. Var is the street name of Anavar.

These anabolic steroids are able to stimulate protein synthesis in the body through androgen receptor activity. This has a positive impact on muscle growth, bone mineral density and lean body mass.

When compared with other types of anabolic steroids, Anavar’s side effects are milder and many women use it. Examples of side effects, acne, changes in voice (thicker), and increase sexuality.

If you are worried about the side effects of Anavar! It’s a good idea to use legal Anavar steroids. This alternative steroid works like Anavar but in a safer way. Please see it here!

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Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

Anadrol, Anapolon, Androlic, Oxybolones are trademarks of Oxymetholone. In medical, these anabolic steroids are used to treat anemia, osteoporosis, and in certain situations can reduce or increase the patient’s weight.

Powerlifters and bodybuilders often use Anadrol for bulking programs and increase power and strength.

In some cases, the results are quite significant. In just 2 weeks some user is able to gain weight about 5kg. The use of Anadrol is limited to 3-6 weeks. Also, please note, the strength of Anadrol effects is amazing! 1 tablet of Oxymetholone is equal to 15-20 Dianabol pills.


In medic, Clenbuterol is known as a bronchodilator for asthma (people with respiratory problems).

For fitness mania, Clenbuterol can help to speed up the process of weight loss so that it is suitable for the cutting program. Some Hollywood artists like Vicotria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan also used it to destroy their body fat.

The use of Clenbuterol is also able to suppress water resistance in the body so the muscle definition is more clearly visible.

For athletes, Clenbuterol is used as a performance-enhancing drug. There are many athletes positively proven using Clenbuterol and ended up suspended. For example Erik Morales (boxer), Alberto Contador (cyclist), and others.

Side effects may include high blood pressure, nervousness, subaortic stenosis.

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Human Growth Hormone (HGH / Somatotropin)

This is a peptide hormone, able to stimulate cell regeneration or reproduction in the human body. At this time, HGH is the highest caste of all types of steroids.

To get your dream bodies, the use of high doses of HGH (4-10iu per day) is recommended. The longer you use it, the more benefits you will get. However, it needs a lot of cash, ranges from $ 500- $ 7000 per month. It’s amazing, right?

So, that’s our best 5 lists of the most popular steroids and commonly used by bodybuilders, powerlifters, or fitness mania. It’s up to you…

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5 Most Used Steroids in Bodybuilding
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