We can assist in the visa application of an employee you found independent of Koco Services.  Additionally we provide free visa application assistance to any employees you are hiring through Koco Services.  We provide application assistance for common visas such as E-2 (Foreign Language Instructor) and E-1 (Professorship) visas, to rarer one such as E-7 (Special Occupation) and D7 (Supervisory Intra-company Transfer).  If you are unsure of which visa type is best for your employee, we can look at their qualifcations for different visas, and make a recommendation to you.
We can help you find a native English speaker for your teaching, editing or other English roles.  We can provide you a candidate based on years of experience in Korea, teaching certificates, education level and other factors.  We will help the candidate with the visa application process, so there is no additional work for you.  And finally, we prescreen our candidates, but if a candidate we provided breaks contract within the first 6 months, we will provide a replacement as soon as possible for no additional charge.
If you have a very specialized role requiring candidates who are native English speakers and also highly proficient in Korean, we can help you fill the role. We will recommend multiple candidates, based on Korean proficiency, related work experience and education or any other criteria you need. We will find you a large number of hard to find, highly skilled candidates to choose from, arranging for multiple interviews and of course find the right visa for you candidate and facilitating the application process.

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